AmCham West Announces New Currency Exchange Partnership for Members

When you exchange money between the US dollar and Canadian dollar, there is always a cost. The question is how much giveaway is in a spread/commission. The currency market is the largest market in the world. Most institutions do not disclose the spread or cost that you are paying. They just quote you CAD100 = USD75.  Some institutions will provide you with the bid ask spread, which is the difference between buying or selling a specific currency. This is not what you would pay. This is typically the cost without the commission.  Most institutions make a lot of money on the commissions and internal spreads when buying and selling currency or converting currency on behalf of their clients. Every bank or financial institution but spreads or commissions can range as high as 3% of the overall transactions.

AmCham Canada West has negotiated a special partnership with AmCham West member MTFX to provide better costs to our members and non-members alike.

Realize Your Savings:

Savings through AmCham FX
 Your Cost Saving***
 The Bank*  Non-Members  Members**
Your cost
$5,000  $                 100  $                   75  $                   65  $         35
$50,000  $              1,000  $                 350  $                 325  $       675
$100,000  $              2,000  $                 570  $                 470  $    1,530
$300,000  $              6,000  $                 810  $                 660  $    5,340
$500,000  $            10,000  $              1,100  $              1,100  $    8,900
$1,000,000  $            20,000  $              2,200  $              1,700  $  18,300
*Assumed 2% Spread
** Maximum Cost

*** Assumes member rate


Savings Pays for Your Membership:

As you can see the table above, your savings as a member of AmCham West is substantial if you exchange money on a regular basis. As a member, simply sign up through the link found here and start enjoying the savings today. Not a Member yet?  If you exchange CAD/USD on a regular basis and you are not a member the savings on your ongoing exchange rate will pay for your membership. For the best savings on currency exchange  become a member today!

Start Saving Here

Benefits of your AMCHAM CANADA West Membership

We bring together people, policy and programs focused on advancing U.S. – Canada cross-border business.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

We organize approximately 20 events annually including by-invitation-only networking events. With an AMCHAM CANADA West membership you can:

  • Make new connections in local or North American markets
  • Exchange information and know-how with industry peers
  • Get access to decision-makers, key influencers and experts

AMCHAM CANADA West provides opportunities through speaker luncheons, cocktail and dinner events, working breakfasts and panel sessions, with preferential pricing for members on all AMCHAM CANADA West events.

Business Introductions

For members interested in entering or expanding into the U.S. or Canadian markets, AMCHAM CANADA West can introduce you to potential business partners as well as key contacts in government, economic development and trade organizations. Our cross-border business support services are designed to support members’ participation in trade missions, trade shows and one-on-one matchmaking meetings to help you find the best opportunities for your business.

Influence Trade Issues

AMCHAM CANADA West is the voice of U.S.-Canada trade and investment in the region. We advocate on behalf of our members for closer economic cooperation and policies that create jobs and generate economic growth on both sides of the border. Our top priorities are raising awareness of issues that impact our members’ operations and investments. We seek our members’ input on policies and practices and provide a platform for our members to exchange information and views on cross-border trade, investment and regulatory issues, to support the development of position papers.

Access to Business Intelligence

For topical discussions and insight on trade, custom duties and regulations to cross-border politics and what it means for business, AMCHAM CANADA West members receive fast and extensive access to business intelligence, select news and information through a variety of communications channels.

Membership is easy.  Just complete the pdf attached here. amcham-canada-west-corporate-individual-application-renewal-form

For more information on membership or exclusive sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Carla Campbell, Executive Director